My Beautiful Lipstick Award

My Beautiful Lipstick Award

Beautiful Lipstick Award

I was nominated again for another great award and this time by the nice Valentina@ Peek a book for the ‚Beautiful Lipstick‘ Award! Thanks so much for this, I really love and appreciate it very much!
There are only a few rules….
1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog

2. Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet

3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other blogs you usually follow

4. Let the nominees know that they are nominated & include their blog-links

5. Link the person who nominated you

Easy, isn’t it? 🙂


Let the fun begin…
1) My biggest dream is to publish a book, to hold my own written book with my name on it in my hands. I can’t imagine which feelings that would arise in me. That would just be incredibly awesome!

2) When I was little I wanted to become a dentist and in between I also had the idea to become a background-dancer in music clips 🙂

3) I still like to watch bolts at a storm (like when I was little) and how the air smells after it.

4) I grew up in a little village where we only had about 20 houses and a chapel in the middle.

5) Since 2004 I’m living in our capital city Vienna and I like it here, though my boyfriend is always trying to persuade me to move to Carinthia.  😉

6) I’m a huge fan of the TV-Series ‘Supernatural’ although I had to be persuaded to watch it by others because at first I was really scared while watching some episodes. But that’s all over and now I’m totally addicted.  :p

7) Although I’m 27 years old and some friends of mine already got children, I’m still happy without one. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me but at the moment I just don’t want a child, but I hope that’ll change in the next few years… otherwise I got a problem 🙂


Here are my nominees:
Alexia @ Alexia’s Chronicles
Marian @ Marianerika

The Sunshine Blog Award

Sunshine Blog Award

I was nominated by the awesome and great Alexia for the Sunshine Blog Award! Thanks so much for this nice award and your kind words. I really love it and appreciate it very much!
And I also got nominated for the same Award by the fabulous author Terra Harmony, whos book ‚Water #1‘ I have already read and loved! Take a look as well!
Now I also got nominated a third time by the sweet Nat, who has one of the cutest Blog on the Block! 😉
Here are the rules…
1.  Include the award logo in your post or on your blog

2.  Answer 10 questions about yourself – You can made up your own or you can use mine

3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other wonderful bloggers

4.  Let the other nominees know they are nominated and include links to their blog

5.  Link the person who nominated you


Let the fun begin…
 1.  What book are you currently reading?
At the moment I’m reading the second book of George Martin’s book series ‚A Song of Ice and Fire‘ and also the book ‚Die Alchemie der Unsterblichkeit‘ from a german author called Kerstin Pflieger.
2.  Vampires or werewolves?
Vampires of course… I love their blood feasts and love life and so on (I think I’m a little ‚J.RWard-brain washed‘ ^^ )
3. How many books have you read so far this year?
25– and so I think I’ll make it t
o my goal of 80 this year.
4. Who is your favourite character in a book you’ve read?
Oh my good – that’s a though one and I just can’t mention just one character! That’s impossible … ^^ But you can take a look at my ‚favorite character page‚ if you want to know them.
5. Heels, sneakers, flip flops or clogs?
*lol* I guess that depends on the season. In winter I prefer black leather boots and in summer sparkling flip flops 🙂
6. What’s your dream vacation?
Next difficult question because I want to see the world – you know –  the WHOLE! 🙂
But if I’ve to choose I would start with Australia/ New Zealand, go on with USA, jump over to Thailand/ Japan/ China and come back to Europe to Scotland/Ireland/ Finland… and then I’ll make a vacation in South Africa to visit Alexia. *lol*
7. Who is your favourite author?
Why always such unanswerable questions?? Okay – so just a few:

J.R. Ward (these naughty vamps are mind-blowing),
Julie Kagawa
(I’m still in love with Ash),
Cassandra Clare
(Jace is a ‚bad ass‘ and I love him for that ),
Kelley Armstrong (she even made a werwolve interesting for me),
J.K. Rowling
(still great and unique),
Karen Marie Moning
(Barrons, oh Barrons… what should I say – you’re indescribable *sigh*)

8. Favourite book/series?
I just have a few^^:
Mortal Instruments, The Iron Fey, Black Dagger Brotherhood, Fever Series, Darkest Power, Harry Potter, Under the Never Sky, A Song of Ice and Fire, Edelstein-Trilogie, …

9. The worst book/ book series you’ve read so far?
Oh god, actually there are two book series I want to warn against:
Evernight by Claudia Gray (The plot is just hilarious, the heronic stupid that you just want to slap her in the face and the other characters also don’t work at all)
The Immortals by Alyson Noel (I still don’t know why I’ve read that series till the end.. it was just senseless in many ways and the main question through 6 long books was, if the two main characters can sleep together or not… What kind of key-message is that?)

10. What are you doing in your sparetime (besides reading)?
Blogging, writing, sports, listen to music, meeting friends, baby-sit my nephews …that kind of stuff ^^


Here are my nominees:
Veronica @ Mostly Reviews
Stephanie @ Bookfever
Marian @ Marianerika

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