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‚Bonds of Trust‘  by Lynda Aicher

Wicked Play #1.


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My opinion:
I’ve started this book without any expectations and to be honest, I also have delayed reading the book, but without any reason. I’ve no idea why it took me so long to read this, but maybe I wasn’t in the right mood. But when I finally started it, the book has really fitted perfect.

The entrance was in the middle of the events when the main character Cali wants to be accepted in the most exclusive BDSM club of the town. – After a failed 22-year-old marriage, two adult children and many years of frustration in the bed with her ex-husband, because of unspoken desires, fear and shame.

There she meets Jake, one of three club owners, and in further result she also falls in love. What begins with initial sex turns out to big feelings, of which they both haven’t dared to dream about any more. Of course it is more complicated during the story than this short summary and it includes some interesting twist and up-and downs, but they didn’t appear exaggerated and unrealistically, but they could be totally from the real life, which I’ve liked very much. For example the problems with her children, who though are already grown-ups and out of the house, but can’t concede their mother a new relationship.

What has thrilled me here very much, were not only the erotic scenes – which I found really great and the reader were gently brought close to the subject of BDSM; always just a little more – but I also loved the rest. The figures were well worked out and seamed authentic to me, also real and charming with their pro- and also disadvantages, like everyone of us.. And Jake was simply a dreamlike lover – although he has long, black hair – which I usually don’t really like. 😉

But he was so empathetic and knew exactly what he had to do and where it was important, but he made himself worse than he was – the typical guy whom a woman has to save, so that he can find his true happiness. *sigh*

The only thing I would like to criticize is that it was almost too short for me and I would have liked more background information, and also the end came too fast. Here it would have been better if it had developed more slowly can develop and don’t run out so fast. But at least it goes on with the second part already this year and I’m already very happy about it!

I can recommend this book to everybody, who would like to make a first insight into erotic books with BDSM parts in it, or who loves adult ‘Contemporary Romance’ with erotic scenes. You won‘t regret it!

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