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by Andrea Cremer

Nightshade # 2

When Calla Tor wakes up in the lair of the Searchers, her sworn enemies, she’s certain her days are numbered. But then the Searchers make her an offer, one that gives her the chance to destroy her former masters and save the pack and the man she left behind. Is Ren worth the price of her freedom? And will Shay stand by her side no matter what? Now in control of her own destiny, Calla must decide which battles are worth fighting and how many trials true love can endure and still survive.(Quelle:

My thoughts about the book:
It’s really hard for me to write a fitting review of Wolfsbane by from Andrea Cremer. The reason isn’t because I didn’t like this book, because it was great. But nevertheless, I can’t quite describe why I liked it so much, because this book contained again some facts and twists in it I usually don’t like or which annoys me, but they haven’t. At first I’ll start with the negative things:

For me this book is clearly a in-between book in a trilogy, not only because of the story but also because of the thickness and length of the book. I have both books standing side by side in my bookshelf and it is recognizable from far away that the second part is not as thick as the first one. Which I don’t like because this is really a story I enjoy and I just don’t want it to be finished so quickly. Hence, my disappointment was also already big before the beginning of the reading because I knew that it will be shorter than I would have liked it.

Now to the content things which I have tripped over during the reading and which have lessened my enthusiasm: Most intolerable in the whole story was Calla and her boy problems (again!!). I am really not a fan of love triangles and I’ve no idea how often I’ve already said this?!
I found it not at all understandable how Calla has behaved or how she has felt concerning the boys in her life. The whole first book while she was promised to Ren my law and though she also has made out with him, she actually was in love with Shay and has thought always about him. By the end of the first book she has fled with Shay, not only to preserve to him from the death, but also to release the guards from the keepers at the end, and therefore she was free of her destiny and could be together with whom she wanted. Now in the second part of this trilogy she can be together with Shay, and she also is ‘together’ with him, but this time she thinks constantly of Ren and nevertheless, not only because of her feelings of guilt, but also because she feels more for him and also would like to save him and bring him to the seekers. All this seesaw has drastically reduced my review of this book, but this was in my opinion already almost everything that I’m able to criticize. Maybe also the shortness of the book or that I also would have liked to read more of Ren. But otherwise this book was again top. No matter whether from the writing style, the phrasing or the dialogues – it simple was first-class. While reading I always had the scenery and surroundings clearly before my eyes and I also could feel the emotions, and even though I got a quick reading. *awesome*

On top of that I always had the feeling to be connected with the characters and I think Cremer has done an amazing job to breathe a life into the characters in this book. It was like in the first book where the wolf herd was in the central spot and now here in ‚Wolfsbane‘, where it primarily was about the seekers, one could feel the group dynamism and I was thrilled and sympathized with every single destiny. I can recommend this book to everyone, even if it was not as good as the first one, because in sum the whole series is simply magnificent and has packed me from the beginning up to the end. It has touched and enamored me. Now I just can wait impatiently for the last part and hope that I get it as fast as possible in my hands!

 And for all of you who can’t wait just a little longer for the next part, like me, then here is a Teaser of the first chapter from‚ Bloodrose‘! Aaaaaaah!! *enjoy it*:D Love it, love it, love it – or should I say: love Ren, love Ren, love Ren!! :p

German Cover:
Unfortunately it’s not as appealing as the first book but still one of the more attractive book cover which I have bought lately. Highlight is here again the fluorescent eye and the blood-drop on the upraised letter.

All in all:
An extraordinary reading pleasure, which I would like to recommend warmly to everybody.

3,5 of 5 points


Shay: “Yeah, she is great. I spent the whole week with her.
„Doing what?“ I asked, catching a growl before it left my throat.
Shay: „Aw, you’re cute when you’re jealous.”

Calla: I stared at him. „Did you just call me an abomination?“
Silas looked me up and down. „Yes. Yes, I did.”


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About the author – Andrea Cremer:

Andrea Cremer spent her childhood daydreaming while roaming the forests and lakeshores of Northern Wisconsin. She now lives in Minnesota, but she thinks of her homeland as the “Canadian Shield” rather than the Midwest.
Andrea has always loved writing and has never stopped writing, but she only recently plunged into the deep end of the pool that is professional writing. When she’s not writing, Andrea is a professor of history at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.”
Her debut novel is NIGHTSHADE, her first book of a YA fantasy series.
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