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‚Easy‘ by Tammara Webber.


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My opinion:
Actually, at first I didn’t wanted to write a review to this book, but because there are too many and too good reviews out there, which are floating around on the internet, and so I couldn’t resist to get rid of my critic. Due to the fact, that I want to reach here with my review the people, who have already read the book or who want to read it, therefore I won’t say much about the synopsis.

I’ve to admit, that it was a quick and easy to read and it could also be convincing at certain places, but, unfortunately, they were the exceptions.
On one hand the writing manner was too ‚slang-like‘ for me and above all, the dialogues have snapped me totally out of my reading rhythm, with these endless ‘slang words’ and ‚cool‘ abbreviations. I found this not great or even perfect youthfully, but just irritating and often I had to roll my eyes. Moreover, after short passages there is always a time jump over and over again, without any marks or indication, which has extremely confused me, particularly at the beginning and it led to the fact that I had to read some phrase twice.

Adding to that, I couldn’t stand Jackie very much. She has irritated me so much, like no other character did for a long time, and her actions were absolutely contradictory to her experiences and thoughts. Though I’ve tried and she even stirred my interest at the beginning, because of her almost-rape, but then it got constantly downwards and I couldn’t stand her. As mentioned, Jackie almost got raped in the first chapter and escapes only, because another guy saved her. What I found very awkward and very idiotic afterwards was, that only few days after the attack she runs around totally unconcerned and she even buys herself a sexy little dress, short and a cut up till to the hips … to look sexy and ‘easy to have‘… and I don’t know how think about that, but if I just escaped an almost-rape, than I probably would be a little inhibit. But not Jackie, except if she meets briefly once again her almost-rapist – then it seems, as if she remembers again, what almost could have happened.
Don’t misunderstand me, I wouldn’t want, that she is frightened all the time or doesn’t dare to leave her room any more, but if such a brutal thing almost happens, you would thinks, that one handles oneself with a little more carefulness and has to thinks about other things, than how to the hot guy, who has saved her…

Moreover, the love story between Lucas and Jackie doesn’t develop as usually slow, by talking and where they get to know each other – but the other way around – by snuggling. Because there are almost no talks and they even don’t get along in their ‘normal‘lives, but instead they only function, while they are together to make out. I found that a great pity and I also didn’t like it at all. Though there were many love scenes in the book, but because I didn’t like the characters (except Lucas), hence the romanticism also made no difference to me and I’ve read it rather uninterested.

Furthermore the plot was very predictable (Lucas/Landon), Hello?? And all the time I‘ve guessed long in advance what will happen next and there were no real plot-highlights in the whole book. The plot simply meandered along without a central theme and that was it.

Just the end with Lucas and his background was surprising, but it was presented in a way that it hasn’t fitted for me. His stroke of fate was tragic and could have built up great emotions, but even that has the author ruined. It’s really a pity.
The longer I write, the more I notice how much this book, the plot and the characters did annoy me, so that I must reduce my rating from 3 to only 2 points. Unfortunately it didn’t function for me at all and I also wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

If to you want to read books in the genre ‚Contemporary Romance’, please rather read Beautiful Disaster‘ or as a YA version of it: ‚Pushing the Limits‚ – there are characters with brain and charm, who will move you and don’t frustration you.



Lucas: „The night we met-I’m not like that guy.“ His jaw was rigid.
„I know tha-“ He placed a finger over my lips, his expression softening.
„So I don’t want you to feel pressured. Or overpowered. But I do, absolutely, want to kiss you right now. Badly.“


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