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‚Dearly, Beloved‘  by Lia Habel.


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My opinion:
I‘ve really tried to like this book, more than part one, with which I already had my problems, but again it hasn‘t worked. If I had to use two words to describe it, I can only say ‚too long‘ or ‚boring’. Honestly, you just have to read the synopsis of the book to recognize that here is somebody, who has immense problems to be brief – and it’s like this in the whole book. I‘ve read more than 500!! pages, with a slow, tough course, which could also be written in 250-300 pages, and everybody would have been happier with it.

The plot ran incredibly slow without building up a great tension and it was a too much unnecessary gossip in between. As annoying was also the fact, that again with every chapter the narrator view changed from one character to the other. Of course this happened primarily between Nora and Bram, the main characters of the story, but nevertheless, many others figures also got a chance to speak, like the best friend Pamela, or also they ‚bad persons’ in the story, what I found absolutely unnecessary, because it didn’t interested me what they thought or felt. For me it’s enough to get a summary at the end, where I can read why they have done this or that.
Furthermore at the beginning were too many info and characters, so that it was hard to picture every character or to classify them properly.

In the second part, it was positive, that I’ve better got along with Pamela, because she appeared more realistic and authentic and also in spite of her big problems to handle all the things with the zombies, she didn’t duck her head, but instead admitted her weakness. But not in an annoying way, but it felt real, as one could imagine react, in such a situation. Hence her chapters were almost my favorite ones and I found her development with this Lord very interesting and this is also the reason, that I wanted to read on – and that I’ve got the second book on netgalley 😉
Here I was also more thrilled by Nora than in the first book, though I found her sometimes a little too outstanding and too fearless, but then I also liked her cheeky, independent behavior. Whether her character fits in this described background of the story or not, because on the other side everything in the story is presented very strict and prude.

Moreover, I find it – sorry to all fans – disgusting, how Nora could make out with Bram. I mean, this guy is a zombie! Okay, sure – he is one of the zombies, who haven’t rotted yet in a strong way, like the others, and he also still looks rather nice …, however, but he’s still a zombie, damn! He has scars, his body is already patched up several times and he virtually rots away during the story … and Nora smooches with him! *gag*  – Here for example an extract from the story – this just doesn’t work for me at all!:

His lips found my brow, the sensation instantly identifiable due to the bit of thread that stitched his broken lower lip together. I loved his every scar.

After the second part I’ve decided to break up this series. But because I’m still a little curious what will become of the zombies (–I count on a healing, so that Bram don’t has to die), and I would like to know how the relationship of Pamela and this Lord develops in the next book. Therefore I simply plan to read the reviews from the last book. But not more, that’s really enough. 🙂.


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