[Snapshot] Death and the Girl next Door (eng.)


‚Death and the Girl next Door‘
by Darynda Jones.


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My opinion:
For this book I’ve got high expectations, because I’m a huge fan of Jones’ adult series ‘Charley Davidson’ and hence, I’ve been very glad about this new series here. Unfortunately, it couldn’t keep up with my big hopes.
I was aware beforehand that this one will be a Young Adult book and therefore it’ll have some big difference to the other books, but however, it was more different than I had expected.

First of all I found some occurrences in the book full of cliché and stereotyped, with this dark, foreign, sexy boy, who is immediately interested in the main protagonist Lorelei, even though she doesn’t look especially beautiful, or that at the moment of their first meeting she would have said something great/ funny/ special to him, which would have caught his attention. Nope – but still he was only focused on her. *sure*
And situation I’ve already got this too often and read it in too many other books and hence, I’m disappointed in Jones, because she has also taken this way and I’ve wished for more creativity from her.

As well as in the other book series of her, there are supernatural occurrences and beings in the book, only not a reaper or such, but other things. I won’t tell you much about it, because I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the solution at the end, which is presented and clears up everything, wasn’t my taste and I don’t really liked it. It was too outlandish for me – and concerning fantasy, I’m usually quite open-minded.
So actually I really love fantasy and supernatural elements, but here this was even for me too overstrung and simply too much in all, so that it seemed fulsome and fake.

I had also my problems with the characters and wasn’t such a great fan of them as for example of Charley or Reyes, from Jones’ adult series. Partial they appeared like an imitation of them, but only trimmed to teenagers and Jones has reached a little bit too deep in the box of ‘stupid jokes and imbroglios‘. Though Lorelei was quite okay and I also could get along with the other characters, but unfortunately not more than this, and sometimes also here, I had to roll with my eyes irritated. I noticed here, that Jones tried to write juvenile for teenagers and, hence, it was too volitional for me and not authentic.

Unfortunately, this was not a book for me, after the great Charley Davidson world and I don’t know, if Jones just should stay at what she can – namely to write erotic, amusing and exciting adult books, instead of distinguishing herself also in the Young Adult genre. For me this attempt hasn’t really worked. Nevertheless I give still rate the book with three points for the quick and rapid reading, which the book has to offer. At this moment I’m not sure, whether I’ll track this series in the future or not, that remains to be seen.


Brooklyn: “If Cameron kidnaps you, kills you, then buries your lifeless body in a shallow grave in the desert where your remains lay decomposing for several decades until they’re accidentally discovered by some guy on a journey to awaken his spirit at the Salinas Pueblo Missions, can I have your iMac?“
Lorelei: „You’ve really thought this out.“
Brooklyn: „I love your iMac.“
Lorelei: „I love my iMac too, and you’re not getting her.“
Brooklyn: „But you’ll be decomposing.”

Brooklyn: “That boy needs a hobby.“
Lorelei: „Stalking is a hobby.“
Brooklyn: „So is serial killing.”


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