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‚Six Days‘ by Philip Webb


Will they find the lost treasure before time runs out? A gripping adventure about a desperate race through the wastelands of future London to find a relic of extraordinary power.
For Cass and Wilbur, life as scavengers is all they’ve ever known — rummaging the ruins of London in search of a precious, powerful relic no one, not even their new Russian masters, has ever seen.
But when Erin and Peyto, two strangers from a faraway place, show up and claim they hold the key to locating the mysterious missing artifact, the treasure hunt takes on a lethal urgency. If the kids don’t find the crucial object in SIX DAYS, their world will come crashing to an end!  (Source:

My thoughts about the book:
Right at the beginning I‘ve thought to myself ‘oh no, this won’t be something for me’ because it is written very youthfully. And with that I literally mean not only like other YA books, but really a young YA book! I would say that the book is exactly for the recommended age, which is on the threshold of children’s book to YA book. So approximately 12-13 years, if I can properly rank it, and therefore the age information with 12-15 fits quite well.

After I’ve got over the first shock regarding the sloppy writing manner, I must admit, that it was really a nice and thrilling entrance, into this postal-apocalyptic world. I got directly thrown into the life of Cass and her brother Wilbur and there I also got to know her surroundings and her hard fight to survive in a hopelessly appearing world.

I had no idea what this book really is about, before I started to read it, but the further I read, the more I could find out about the background story. I got some answers of the questions, like: “Why it has come to this dystopischen world? Why was there a war with the Russians which they won and which lead the new circumstances, which are now ruling in London, where Cass lives?”
Cass, her brother and her father are scavengers and they have to find something special for the Vlads, the so-called Russians, a certain, very powerful artifact and  nobody knows exactly what it looks like or how it works. Only her younger brother Wilbur comes up over and over again with new ideas, where to find the artifact and irritates with his chimeras especially his big sister Cass, because he often goes on his own investigations and then endangers himself with that.
Till one day Cass and Wilbur meets Peyto, and later also Erin, and now Wilbur’s chimeras are all out of a sudden not at all so impossible anymore, but they perhaps even can lead them to the mysterious artifact – which would be great, because without it, this world will be destroyed in the next 6 days.

Sounds quite well and interesting at this point, I think and I must admit that I’ve liked it surprisingly much and better than I’ve thought at the beginning, although the language was really written for very young readers. But it was throughout the story very gripping and I could get well into the story and have felt with the characters. What I’ve like most was at the beginning the representation of this new future and how the life is for the people who are living in London.
Also up to the middle it was still very good, I’ve liked the idea and I also would have almost rated the book with 4 stars, but then the plot has changed more and more into a Sci-Fiction story, what I’ve not liked so much, but here everybody must decide for themselves if they like that or not. Another reason for the decreased rating was that though there was a concluded end without leaving open really important questions, it happened too fast for me and out of a sudden. Though the end was finished and nice, but for me too laxly and without getting answers to some open questions, which would have interested me, because I wanted to know what becomes of the characters afterwards.

Now we are at the right subject –the characters, which were there throughout the story very likeable. They were great and partially they have also fitted to the descriptions of their age. Cass was the central figure and was of course developed the best, but also Peyto or Wilbur could shine and belong to my favorites. Of course the characters are younger than in other YA books and therefore there isn’t a real love story in it, because the focus is laid on the exciting part – the rescue of the world and the artifact – but, nevertheless, there is also a briefly excursion to the world of the feelings and‚ flirtation‘. This wasn’t really necessary or important for the plot, but I found it suitable and cute described and I’ve liked that much because I’m just the romantic type. 🙂

The German cover has caught very well the postal-apocalyptic atmosphere, but in comparison to the English cover it’s a pity that the characters are not shown on it.

All in all:
It’s really nice book, which is quickly to read for in between, and will make fans of young fantasy and sci-fi book very happy.  Moreover it’s a ‘stand-alone’ book, which is a rarity nowadays in the Fantasy/ YA genre.

3,5 of 5 points – (I really liked it)

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About the author – Philip Webb:
Philip Webb, author of Scavs, had a happy childhood roaming and exploring, and was fascinated by the local rubbish dump where he played out lots of post-apocalyptic adventures with his friends. He was born in 1967 and works as a user experience consultant. He has a computer science degree and a Master’s in human computer interaction. His interests include travel, art, design, and film. Philip lives with his wife in West London.

Visit the Website: »»

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  1. Habe hier gerade geschlagene -5 Minuten nach meinem Kommentar gesucht und mich gewundert, warum hier nichts erscheint. Bis ich dann verstanden habe, dass ich ja auf der englische Version gelandet bin … ups 😀

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