[Cover Reveal] Clockwork Princess


Cover Reveal for
Clockwork Princess

by Cassandra Clare

It’s the third and also last book in Cassandra’s ‚The Infernal Devices‘ series. The new book will tell us about their travel all over the world to stop the clockwork army.

(© goodreads)

I’m a huge fan of the Cassandra Clare’s series and I was hooked to her world of shadowhunters from the first book on. I really love her fantastic writing style and her way of using words to create an amazing world. Therefore I’m really looking forward to this book and I think this cover looks just soo asweome that I’ve no words for it. For me this cover is definitely the best in the whole series.
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  1. I really really like that cover! Though unfortunately I’ve only read the two first TMI books so far and some of reviews don’t make me very hopeful that I’ll like the other books as well. But never mind, one can always try, right? 😀

    • Really – only the first 2 books of MI? But the third is the best in the whole series so far!
      And The Infernal Devices is also really great and I really like Tessa, even sometimes more than Clary. If you like Steampunk or historical Fantasy than you’ve to try it! 🙂

      • Yip, and that was years ago. We started reading circles for those two books and after that I somehow lost track. I just bought book 3 & 4 last year, as well as the first ID book. And since then they’re sitting ducks in my shelf. xD
        Try I will! I just don’t know when or if I’ll like it. But some day I’ll find out. ;D

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