My Beautiful Lipstick Award

My Beautiful Lipstick Award

Beautiful Lipstick Award

I was nominated again for another great award and this time by the nice Valentina@ Peek a book for the ‚Beautiful Lipstick‘ Award! Thanks so much for this, I really love and appreciate it very much!
There are only a few rules….
1. Include the award logo in your post or on your blog

2. Say 7 random things about yourself that the readers don’t know yet

3.  Nominate 5 – 10 other blogs you usually follow

4. Let the nominees know that they are nominated & include their blog-links

5. Link the person who nominated you

Easy, isn’t it? 🙂


Let the fun begin…
1) My biggest dream is to publish a book, to hold my own written book with my name on it in my hands. I can’t imagine which feelings that would arise in me. That would just be incredibly awesome!

2) When I was little I wanted to become a dentist and in between I also had the idea to become a background-dancer in music clips 🙂

3) I still like to watch bolts at a storm (like when I was little) and how the air smells after it.

4) I grew up in a little village where we only had about 20 houses and a chapel in the middle.

5) Since 2004 I’m living in our capital city Vienna and I like it here, though my boyfriend is always trying to persuade me to move to Carinthia.  😉

6) I’m a huge fan of the TV-Series ‘Supernatural’ although I had to be persuaded to watch it by others because at first I was really scared while watching some episodes. But that’s all over and now I’m totally addicted.  :p

7) Although I’m 27 years old and some friends of mine already got children, I’m still happy without one. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me but at the moment I just don’t want a child, but I hope that’ll change in the next few years… otherwise I got a problem 🙂


Here are my nominees:
Alexia @ Alexia’s Chronicles
Marian @ Marianerika

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  1. Thank you Tina!! You are the best! Dude, I am exactly the same with Supernatural – I was so scared in the beginning and refused to watch it, now though, I watch it when I have a chance – those 2 boys are smexy!!

    • You’re welcome! Hope you like the award – I think the pic looks cute 🙂

      YEAH – Supernatural is just awesome now – the boys are so great I’ve no words for them. Especially Dean with his humor and sarcasmn! *awesome* 😆
      And just yesterday I found a special offer and got the first four seasons! *woho*

  2. Hi Tina!
    I’m happy that you enjoyed the award!
    I totally agree with your point n.7… and I’m almost 32 years old… ^_^



  3. Ahhh, wie cool, mein erster Award 😀 Danke, Martina, das ist echt lieb von dir!

  4. Hi Tina!
    Congratulations on your award.
    Another huge fan of Supernatural here.

  5. Yay! Thanks for the Lipstick award, Tina. And I am a Supernatural fan as well. Gosh I love Jensen Ackles! (How many BFs is one allowed? because between Barrons and Jensen, I’m lost!) I’ll do a post soon, hopefully Monday. 🙂

    • Hy Cece – you’re welcome! 🙂
      YES-supernatural is just awesome and I love it and the boys are amazing (like the Black Dagger Brothers ^^)

      oh, that would be a though one but I would choose Barrons, than V and then Jensen *lol*
      No stress, just take your time! Nice weekend!

  6. Hi Tina – thanks for passing the award on to me!!! And yes – please – write a dang book! You’ve certainly read enough…

    • Hello Terra,
      you’re welcome, I’m glad you like the award! 🙂

      oooh yes – I would love to write a book with much of love and suspense, but yeah – you know how hard that this! 😉
      But acutally I’ve already finished my first manuscript and at the moment I’m searching for a publisher! *wish me luck* 🙂
      Greetings and a nice weekend

  7. Such a great response Tina! I didn’t know that you wanted to become a dentist, but I am still waiting for the day when you publish your own book, I think I will be as excited as you! Supernatural rocked my world, but too bad I didn’t really follow the series after Season 3 😦 I heard there was an animated version of the series, and I also heard it was even more scarier than the real life one, thought of checking that one out! Thanks for passing the award to me! I’m going to write my post now ;D

    • Hy Nat,
      thank you and I’m glad you like the award and also my random facts 🙂

      YEAH- I also prefer to write a book, or better to say to publish one because I’ve already witten it (but it’s in german so, mh, sorry ^^)
      But I’ll let you know if I find a publisher and maybe then in about 5 years it’ll be translated in english. 😆

      Why did you stop with supernatural? I just bought this week the first four season and now I’m still/ again totally into it 🙂 *love them*
      nice weekend and I’m curious about your facts! 🙂

      • Hey Tina,
        Oh how exciting! But 5 years is too long of a time! I hope it will be very much sooner 😀

        Because of school I never really get to watch because it was always after bedtime hours, so I had a fall out with the story and after a few seasons I kinda get confused with what was happening and stuff. I will rewatch the series again, right after I finish watching Season 3 of TVD and The Secret Circle 😀

        • Hey,
          yeah- very exciting but also very though, ‚cause I still have to find a publisher 🙂 but’ll see

          I never watched supernatural on the TV because it also was always in the night when I’ve to sleep, so I watched it in the internet.
          But now with my new DVDs I have no problem to watch them whenever I want to 🙂
          I never watched ‚Secret Circle‘ – is it good?

          • I wish you all the best and good luck!

            I would’ve, but I don’t know how to function internet then 😛 I’ve only watched the first episode and it was okay, but then I’ve heard plentiful good things about it, I ought to check it out!

          • thank you so much, hope I’ll can tell you some good news soon 🙂

            oh, that’s kind of a problem *lol*
            I don’t now- at the moment I’ve enough other good series which I like to watch (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Game of thrones) and I’ve also heard good things about The Walking Dead oder Spartacus – maybe I’ll try them next 🙂

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