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R. J. Anderson

Ultraviolet # 1..

.„Once upon a time there was a girl who was special.
This is not her story.
Unless you count the part where I killed her.“



Sixteen-year-old Alison has been sectioned in a mental institute for teens, having murdered the most perfect and popular girl at school. But the case is a mystery: no body has been found, and Alison’s condition is proving difficult to diagnose. Alison herself can’t explain what happened: one minute she was fighting with Tori — the next she disintegrated. Into nothing. But that’s impossible. Right? (Source:

First Sentence:
„The darkness behind my eyelids was thick and stank of chemicals, as though someone had poured black oil inside my head.“

Last Sentence:
„Because I know what happened, and I know what’s real. No matter what you or anyone else says.“

My thougts about the book:
This book has released contradictory feelings in me due to the fact that at first I had absolutely no idea what it is about because I often don’t read the synopsis and secondly because the book had so many twists in it that I had to dispose the book every time into another genre.
Ultraviolet is divided into 3 segments and one can say, or for me it was that way that these segments represent virtually also 3 own genres or they even were three stories in one book. This means that at the beginning I’ve held another book in my hands, than in the middle section or then in the last third. What I found very amusing, even if it was difficult to form an opinion because at the beginning were many unanswered questions, some of them were answered in the second part but were one more rolled up in the third part and there we got a completely new explanation. *unbelievable*
Moreover, I found the book especially in the beginning very desperate, because I felt with the character Alison who was in a psychiatric institution and because I also didn’t know what was wrong with her. One had to decipher these questions slowly together with the central figure and additional, this was partially also a little bit long-winded and laborious. But as soon as the first answers came and also the man of the story appeared, Faraday (by the way ^^), the book also got more action, tension and the feeling while reading changed positively. The basic tenor of Alison’s attitude, as well as the feelings which were given in the book became more hopeful and I could imagine a positive end.
After the middle section came once more a new turn, which has totally surprised me and has also increased my enthusiasm because the book was incredibly versatile, as well as the characters and it became better and better.

Now to the characters: At the beginning Alison was a little bit frightened off and unstable and it was hard to form an opinion about her. But soon she has taken me for herself, by her strength and friendliness, and she has never really wept or was whiny, although she had to go through though times. And also Faraday was a character who won my heart and there was just little to criticize about him.

Now we got to the spoiler. Please don’t read further if you’ve not read the book yet: SPOILER!!

Up to the end I would have given 4 points, because of the character development, to the writing style and the change ability of the action. Unfortunately, the end was however too discouraging to me and to was kept open, too open for my taste. That wouldn’t have disturbed so much if I could hold the second book in my hands soon. But it is not sure yet whether there is a second part to this book and, hence, the end is not so great.

PS: I’m sure of the fact that everything has really happened in this universe in such a way as Alison has described it and I don’t think that she still lies in the psychic institution and has imagined everything with Faraday etc. However, I’m also a positively thinker and I hope I’m right on this occasion, really! 🙂
Otherwise it would be sad.

I like the book Cover thought it the beginning I thought otherwise; particularly, because it also reflects a little the basic mood which is given in the book.

All in all:
A new story which I haven’t read like this so far and I’m amazed, how creatively and imaginatively the author has inserted twists to the plot.

3,5 of 5 points


Alison: “I realized then that even though I was a tiny speck in an infinite cosmos, a blip on the timeline of eternity, I was not without purpose.”

Faraday: “ “Every time you show your feelings, you apologize. Have you ever had an emotion in your life that you weren’t ashamed of?”

Alison: “Dark chocolate, poured over velvet: that was how his voice tasted. I wanted him to follow me around and narrate the rest of my life.”


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About the author – R.J. Anderson:
R. J. Anderson was born in Uganda, raised in Ontario, went to school in New Jersey, and has spent much of her life dreaming of other worlds entirely.As a child she immersed herself in fairy tales, mythology, and the works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and E. Nesbit; later she found inspiration in books by Ursula LeGuin, Patricia A. McKillip and Robin McKinley, and learned to take as much pleasure from their language as the stories they told.
Now married and a mother of three, Rebecca reads to her sons the classic works of fantasy and science fiction that enlivened her own childhood, and tries to bring a similar excitement and timeless wonder to the novels she writes for children and teens. She currently lives in the beautiful theatre town of Stratford, Ontario. (Source: )

Visit her Website: »»


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