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‚Hush, Hush‘
by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush # 1.


Nora is a common High School student, intelligent, a little shy and friendly. She is focused on her future, on her apprenticeship and therefore she isn’t very interested in the boys who are attending the same school. But that changes abruptly the day she meets the dark and mysterious Patch, who emerge in her class and becomes her classmate sitting right next to her. Nora feels attracted to him, though she recognize that something is strange about him and that something evil is inside him, a dark secret. Therefore she has to make a decision: should she ingest with Patch and his dangerous game or should she stay away from him for her own safety? Soon Nora finds herself between an ancient war between good and evil and fallen angels…

My thoughts about the book:
I had really high expectation for this book because on one hand it was recommended form different sides and on the other hand because it was listed high on best-seller lists. Therefore I was piteous disappointed – like so often, when I’ve got high anticipations. The story was okay, the twists in it were also okay, but all together not more than just ‚okay‘. It didn’t entertain me or was thrilling like other books. Only Patch was an interesting character – though when I think about it, then I’ve to say that he was just hot and a nice guy to look at but nothing more. Especially in the beginning while Nora fall for him, he was just an egoist and totally manipulative. Only after a while he became more acceptable when he lowered himself to fall for the human Nora. So, now we are at Nora: Although she is kind of an ‘Einstein’ at school and seems to know every answer there, but in real life in everyday situations she is totally naive and foolish. Sometimes she has more luck than any sense and goes through dangerous situations which could have killed her, just because she is lucky and not using her brain. And what should I say about her supposed best friend Vee? At first I liked her because she was funny and said amusing things but throughout the book she became more and more egoistic, annoying and mean. And to be true if I could decide I wouldn’t want to have such a friend like her- I would rather be alone! 🙂
And now to the end which was not very surprising and very predictable and I already know who the real villain was after the first 50 pages, while Nora needed the entire book to make it out. Therefore it was boring and the book has lost much suspense and thrill. For me the whole story and as well the characters appeared very dull and just one-dimensional, flat and also in parts very boring. This book wasn’t really my taste thought I liked the beginning but it sucked more and more with every chapter, but I’ll give the next one (Crescendo) a chance and will try it in the future and I hope that it will be better.

German Cover:
The Cover is the best of the whole book and I really love the design and the picture because it is sexy, mysterious and wicked. Great body and great staging, which couldn’t have shown any better the ‘fallen angel’. The cover is really one of my favorites and definitely the reason I read it.

All in all:
The first book in this new series was really a disappointment for me but I’ll give the next one a chance and keep on reading the ‘Hush Hush’ books.

2 of 5 points



# 1: Becca Fitzpatrick – Hush, Hush
# 2: Becca Fitzpatrick – Crescendo
# 3: Becca Fitzpatrick – Silence

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