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‚The Iron Knight
by Julie Kagawa

Iron Fey # 4



Ash and Puck are on their search for the cat sidhe Grimalkin to ask him for a favor, to help them, so that Ash cans earn a soul and become mortal. After their successful search they continue their way to a special seer, who knows the way to the end of the world and can tell them the secret, how a fairy can gain a soul. But when they arrive their Ash has to ask himself if you really want this? If he really wants to stay with Meghan and wants to become a mortal who will die in the end? And if he says ‘yes’, is he doing it because of his own freewill or because of his oath? …

First Sentence:
“Oy, ice-boy! You sure you know where you’re going?”. I  ignored  Robin  Goodfellow  as  we  wove  through  the  gray  murk  of  the  wyldwood,  pushing  farther  into  the  soggy  swamp  known  as  the  Bone Marsh.

My thoughts about the book:
Like in the other books before Kagawa did here a nice and great job as well and her writing is still just admirable. She has a great feeling for writing wonderful descriptions of the surroundings, with all their miracles and colors and extraordinary creatures. Furthermore she came up again with many great and spectacular twists and plot and in my opinion her creativity knows no bounds.
About the plot I’ve to say that it is just ‘top’ and there are just a few points, which I didn’t like so much. On one hand the beginning tracked a little and was not such as thrilling as in the other books. At first they searched for Grimalkin, afterwards they searched for the seer and then they searched for the end of the world. Of course Kagawa didn’t let them just walk around and have a little talk- there were fights, wild creatures, new characters and thrilling moments as well… but not like in the usual style and so it wasn’t so exciting and fresh like in the books before. But on the other hand I really liked it that it was written from Ash’s POV and we got the chance to look behind his façade, and what we saw was just indescribable und beautiful – brave and strong with stamina and in spite of everything he’s still capable of loving completely and with no hesitates. *sigh* If Ash would be a real man und not an imaginary one, then there would be no hold of me and I would try everything to go to this fairyland to get him. 🙂
But enough of Ash – we already know what we have with him. Let us talk about the other characters, for example Puck, whom I really like as well and who is still a great and funny character and can always put a smile on your face. And therefore I really hope that Kagawa is continuing to write another book in which Puck find his true love, and I wouldn’t care if there also other characters in it, but want I would want is a happy ending for Puck – he just deserves one 🙂 In this book I also liked Grimalkin’s quotes again; they were funny and sniffy, like a real cat behaves. I just missed Meghan in it – something that was obvious because she could be with them, but I would have appreciate it, if there would have been more dream frequencies, in which Ash and Meghan could be together. Or I would have liked some reviews of shared moments of Ash and Meghan from the past, to read them from Ash’s POV.

And now – I just have to write some spoilers now – so please stop reading now if you haven’t read the book yet. !! SPOILER ALERT !!

For my taste the ending was there too fast, after the long way and their hard trails, which Ash and his companion had to survive. I would have liked to read more about what happened after their happy meeting in the iron court – did they really get her baby boy? Did they marry as well? What about Puck? Or about the other courts – will there be a war or not? And is Ash now still an immortal fey or not? And what about Meghan’s family in the mortal world – will she see them again or not?
All this questions unanswered questions leave a bitter taste in my mouth after I finished this book (also because I was said it’s really over now). Furthermore the solution Kagawa wrote with Ariella and how everything happened was great and I really thought of this idea in the second and third book. Ariella hast do show up, because Ash would have never been really happy or couldn’t really love Meghan with his pure and full heart, because he was still blaming himself for her death and was still mourning her. And so they got their ending and he could finish it – though some parts of her are still with him and so he can go on now with a new love. So great plot and great idea and great ending – just perfect! 🙂
But I also have to admit that from the time she showed up till the time Ash chose Meghan for his future, I had a really hard time to read the book. All this chapters I felt like I had heartache and lost a love… it felt like he was betraying Meghan because he was so confused and couldn’t decided what he want – and it got even worse when he told himself, he has to be with Meghan because of his oath – I really felt like crying because this was befouling Meghan’s and Ash’s moments together… So I really was glad how it turned out in the end. Kagawa did a great job playing with my feelings – it was a steady ‘up and down’ of the feelings. But now with a great ending, which leaves me with a sad heart because it’s over, but also with a smile on my face because it was just a beautiful and unique journey.


Julie Kagawa wrote a short story especially for Valentines Day 2012 and if you want to read about the date of Meghan & Ash, then
follow the »» LINK!!

 ♥ I really love it, but take care, it also contains spoilers!  ♥


English Cover:
Like the other covers, this one is great as well and now Ash’s face is gazing at us (though I’ve imagined him more distinctive) and his Cover has also these great lines and ornaments, which I also love on the other books. *nice*

All in all:
For all fans of this series an absolute highlight and a ‘must-read’! For all who haven’t read this series yet – start with the first book right now – you won’t regret it!

3,5 of 5 points..


Grimalkin:  „Additionaly, you can paint a neon sign over our heads that says, ‘Easy meal, fol ow the flashing lights.“

Ash:  „I am still yours, my queen, if you’ll  have me.”



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