Review: The Magician’s Guild

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‚The Magician’s Guild‘
Trudi Canavan

Black Magician Trilogy # 1



A young poor girl discovers, in a world where the might of magic is only keeped to some privileged men and women, that she also have magic in herself. Scared of the other magicians she is forced to hide herself from the magicians guild, because she doesn’t know that she’s able to harm herself and others around her, if she loses the control of her own magic powers…

My thoughts about the book:

This book was recommended by a friend and I really had no expectation when I started it. I only though I would give it a try but thought it won’t be really my type of the right genre. BUT – that wasn’t true – I really liked it.
It was really a good book with the right portion of magic, not too much or too less, and it even had a great story behind with likeable characters. The way the story was told was great- I was feeling sorry for the main character Sonea- I felt with her and hoped for her, and thats what I love about reading books- (so mission completed*lol*).
I liked the story twisting in it and there where hardly pages which dragged, it was almost always thrilling and exciting. And I have to say, I admire Sonea, because she’s a tough and honest and decent person and she is brave and act always thoughtful. As well Rothen – he’s a fine and funny character as well and I really liked most of the characters in it – though, not Fergun 🙂
The writing style by Canavan was nice and good to read, not very complicated. All in all a nice and enjoyable read. Why I rated it only with 3,5 stars is because the story had a bit more potential in it and I have great hopes for the further coming books.

Nice and the picture is matched to the plot – it gives you the right feeling to dive into magic and other worlds.

All in all:
Good start in a new magic world with a worthy prelude for a new great fantasy series by Trudi Canavan.

3 of 5 points



# 1: Canavan Trudi – The Magicians Guild
# 2: Canavan Trudi – The Novice
# 3: Canavan Trudi – The High Lord


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