Review: Summer’s Crossing

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‚Summer’s Crossing
Julie Kagawa

Iron Fey # 3,5




This short story tells us about Ash and Puck, which actually where on their way to find a solution so that Ash can be with Meghan again in the future. But then Leanansidhe shows up and she claims the favor Prince Ash has given her in the past. She wants from him that he breaks in the summer court to steal a precious violin – but from none less than from queen Titiana…

My thoughts about the book:
I guess I don’t have to say anything further about the great writing style of Kagawa. Everybody who already read something of her knows how nice and fluently her stories are to read, although she puts much love and effort into the details and in the building of the fairy land and their creatures.
The characters are charismatic and authentic as always and you just have to like them, regardless of what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Ash or Team Puck, you can’t really decide between them and chose one. Especially in this story, which tells nearly only about this characters. And although I liked it to read it from someone others view, in this case from the view of Puck, I would have loved also some parts form Ash’s POV. But I guess we’ll get that in the next book *hope so* 🙂
The story was okay, she wasn’t extremely emotional, but she was funny and explosive – typical if Ash and Puck are on an adventure together. A short moment Kagawa really got me and I almost believed that Puck was going to go through with it (at the summer court – who has read it will know what I mean with it), and then I really would be angry with him. But then everything turned out good in the end and I was not disappointed. Although I don’t think this book is necessary to read to understand the next/ last book in this series, it was a nice read and I got a better insight into the friendship of Ash and Puck and their feelings.

It has the same style like the ‘Winter’s Passage’ and with a great attention of the black bird – nothing would have shown better, that this book is written in Puck’s POV.

All in all:
Nice story, nice insights – although it wasn’t a ‘must-read’, it is still special for fans of this series.

3 of 5 points



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