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‚The Iron Daughter
by Julie Kagawa

Iron Fey # 2  I.


Right after Meghan has saved her little brother Ethan, Prince Ash appears to take her to the winter court, like she has promised. At first she has to stay there totally alone and unsure about what happens next, because the Prince never shows up. But then the Queen wants to see her and Prince Ash and his two older brothers appear as well at the court to tell them they haven’t found any Iron fey and so Mab don’t really believes Meghan and Ashs story about the Iron King. A short time later, after the Scepter Of Seasons was brought to the winter court, some Iron fey sneak in the court, steal the Scepter and kill the oldest sond of Queen Mab. After that trageday Mab calles out war against the summer court, because she thinks it was Oberons doings, and therefore Ash has to safe Meghan and together the run from the winter court to the unknown future….

My thoughts about the book:
At first I was kind of disappointed witht the book because I was, like Meghan, sooo longing for prince Ash and he just never shows up and just disappeard. And also afterwards when the fleed from the winter court and Puck came again, he just went away again and we (Meghan and I) were without him again. But on the other hand beside the romantic influence of this book, the storyline was really interesting again and in klicked and some parts really makes more sense now, and they also lead to a more interesting future to come in the third and fourth book. In this book there was again a great wonderworld, landscape and fantastic creatures, which Kagawa fabricated and I really like her writing style and her fantasy and creativity, but I have to say I’m really a fan of Fantasy and colorful worlds – so she got me there.
Also an interesting part was to read about the Ironhorse, who was an enemy in the first book and now turned out to be an ally. To come to Leanansidhe who is a new interesting character and I’m sure she will play a bigger part in the upcoming books, and I really want to know what it’s all about the cat – don’t understand me false – I really like Grimalking, but for now I’m not quite sure about his interests in all the ware and the things that going on.
Puck was really great again, though he was missing a great part of it, I like his funny and bright side and looking forward of more from him.
The end was great and I love how Ash turned his back on the winter court and his mother Mab, because he can’t say the vow to never see Meghan again. I loved that part like I love Ash and I really hope it will be much more about them in the next books. To go to Meghan – what I didn’t like about her is this book was, that she was so whiny all the time when it comes to Ash. All the time besides she was strong and brave and I liked her, but when it comes to Ash she was just irrationable, annyoing and whining, so that I really have to roll my eyes sometimes. That was the bad part about her – but to come to the good one: I found in thrilling how she was able to fight against the iron feys and her power to use iron glamour. I’m sure this is the key for her to become immortal like the other feys and thats the point where the other feys will come to here again and will ask her for help, so Ash and she will be allowed to the nevernever again… things going to become interesting in the future for sure. 🙂

English Cover:
I love the Cover of the Iron Fey books and also this was is nice and great to look at. But also the german one is nice and appealing.

All in all:
A must read for everyone who like fairies and who liked the first book. Thought the first was a little better, this one is still good as gold.

3,5 of 5 points..


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