C*: MacKayla Lane

copyright: Karen Marie Moning

Name: MacKayla Lane

Nickname: Mac or Ms. Lane

From the book series:
Fever series by Karen Marie Moning (› Website)

MacKayla Lane, reluctant sidhe-seer, a person who can see into the hidden world of the ancient, immortal Fae. Able to sense and hunt the Dark Book of Magic known as the Sinsar Dubh. (Source: Goodreads.com)

She was adopted by a loving family in America together with her older sister, which was murdered in the first book. She originally came from Dublin, where her mother gave her off to protect her.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Job: Nothing concrete but after she went to Dublin, she worked at the bookstore ‚Barrons Books & Baubles‘

Best Friend: At first she was totally alone, after her sister’s death. But afterwards she gets close with Dani (another Sidhe Seer)

In love with: Jericho Barrons »»


(© goodreads)



Mac: “Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.”



I love this picture – it shows greatly how Mac changed in the book:



Mac: „So how did he look at me?“
Dani: „Like it was his birthday and you were the cake.“


More of Mac and Jericho:


and that is just too cute:



Mac: „I was no longer sexually vulnerable to the death-by-sex Fae Prince.  Jericho Barrons was my poison now.“


And now some action… :p

copyright: Karen Marie Moning


Please note that all copyrights belong to the authors, publishers and artists.

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  1. Oh my gawd! this is one series i became addicted to. I reread it four times i think. Now you are talking..*smile* Mac and Barrons.. Love the photos

  2. Haha, great to hear! I love this series too -its great how everything, the character and the plot have developed thoughout the book. And I just adore Mac or Barrons and together they are just… oh gosh… I have no words for it! 😀
    and parts of it I re-read once in a time… just to get the *flow* you know?! 😛
    Have you also read the series about the Highlanders?

  3. I have read ALL the highlander series. I was so confused which of the handsome men I would pick. (given a chance and if they were real at all..lol) But was leaning more on the Mackeltar Twins.. then there was Grim, then there was Adam, I got confused and frustrated and gave up in protest. Gosh! She is so talented I am envious.

    • Why were you still up at 01:34 – in the middle of the night? Shouldn’t you sleep at such an hour?
      But now let us talk again about KMM and her (or our) men! Who do you prefer: Barrons or the other guys of the highlander series? And which have you read first?
      I really should give the highlander series a try but so far I hadn’t time for a (at least a I think) big 5 books long series. Maybe next year.
      And which girl do you prefer? Mac or one of the others? At first I didn’t like Mac, she was just annoying but then she changed throughout the book and now I really like her.

  4. hahaha I was working on my blog. I‘ mstill up. My book is on Amazon and I have to be ‚brav‘ and work hard. I’m still up today as well, taking advantage as I have two days off.

    Between the girls of Highlander series and Fever Series, I prefer Mac. She’s tough and so girly(the first time) then tough later one, but you can still see behind all that toughness there’s Barron’s Rainbow girl
    … and love the interractions with Barrons.

    Now as for Ms. Moning’s men. Oh God! that is a hard one, as she does draw out exceptionally handsome and likable men. It’s a tie, though Barron is almost taking the lead. I find the tortured man quality quite appeasing in fiction (but not in real..lol) because of his son and who/what he actually is. And the interraction with Mac is just too good. The way he cares about Mac and pretends he doesn’t.
    Aaah, I think Barron takes the medal with his tattoos and impeccable suits. Oh boy! I think I’m going to drop my writing for a few seconds to reread the books again.

  5. hey – I just visited your blog! and it’s great, though just the beginning but I’m sure the blog will be filled with many interesting stuff soon – I’ll check him out now every few days. And I’ve to say I like the pictures, great done and they are good for the novel – which is on amazon!!! *wohooo*
    I couldn’t believe my eyes but you’re really selling your novel now on amazon!!! thats soo great and adorable and I just envy you for your endurance! *jipie* 😀
    Congrats, congrats – thats just unbelievable great!!!

    yeah, I love that part as well – that he’s actin that he don’t care about anything but then in his action you see otherwise *love it* And it’s soo sad about his son and I was just great how everything turn out in the end. Tough I was really said when it was finished and there was no more Mac or Barrons… guess I’ll have to check the books again too – just to see if they are still fine *lol*

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