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‚The Iron King
by Julie Kagawa

Iron Fey # 1  I.


At her 16th Birthday the whole world changes for Meghan Chase – not because she finally got her long looking forward driving license, but because her little half-brother Ethan was kidnapped. Together with her best friend, who turn out to be the famous Puck from the never-never land, they starts their dangerous journey to the fairy land. There Meg has to face not only mean trolls and other mean fairies but also have to deal with a annoying Sidhe cat, called Grimalkin, and all above this she encounters a bitter true – that she is the daughter of the big and mighty king Oberon of the summer court…

My thoughts about the book:
From the beginning I was drawn to this book and I was really surprised, that I liked it so much. Not because nobody mentioned it to be, but the contrary – everybody recommended it and often I’m disappointed with books everyone loves. But this book lives up to his promise and so I surprisingly really liked it, though it’s totally a High Fantasy and Young Adult book, and I thought it would be superficial, but it wasn’t. At the beginning there were only a few inconsistencies with the main character Meghan, but throughout the story they all volatilized and till the end of the book she showed bravery and strength and she never gave up no matter what she had to face during her stay in the fairy land. I also really like Puck because of his funny jokes and dialogs and that he is always seeing the bright and positive side of the live and that he never gave up anything. And he is more concerned and intelligent than that he shows which I like even more. About prince Ash – at first I didn’t could understand all the other in the forum who adored him and I though he’s just a pretty ‘jackass’ who does everything for his own benefit. But throughout the story he conquered not only Meghan’s, but also my heart and now I have to say I’m also totally falling for him. 🙂 And a character I also didn’t like in the beginning, but of who I’m a fan now is the cat Sidhe Grimalkin. He’s funny and I think deep in his heart his one of the good ones and is not just thinking of his own profit. He is reminding me of the gargoyle Xemerxius from the book Ruby Red (Liebe geht durch alle Zeiten –Trilogy) and that one I adore. So I hope the cat come back in the next book and will play a bigger role in it. What about Mab – I don’t know what to think about her because she was just shortly mentioned but I’m sure she’ll have a big role in the coming book ‘The Iron Daughter’. And the end of the book was okay, though not very good and not bad, it just stopped and it kind of left a bitter taste in the mouth.
What I really really loved in this book was the great building of the landscape in this other world in the fairy land. Kagawa did a wonderful job full of fantasy and dreams and made you forget all your worries – I totally felt ‘lost in space/ world’ and enjoyed almost everything in the book.

English Cover:
This cover is really a true feast for the eyes and I couldn’t stop stare at it or to run my finger of the book cover. The picture kind of arises from a fantastic and unique fairy world and let you from the first time on dream in another world and time. I have to say that I like both covers – the English and the German one, both are special.

All in all:
A book that I was obsessed with from the first page one and seduce everyone to dream about fairies and other fantastic things, and let you forget all your problems for a moment… Definitely a book recommendation – a must read!

4 of 5 points..


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