Review: Tempted

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P.C. und Kristin Cast

House of Night # 6.


After Zoey and her friends have chased away Kalona and Neferet from Tulsa with their power of the circle, the young vampires decide, after a short stay within the Benedictine abbey with the nuns, to go back to the House of Night. There they have to deal with the fire burial of their teacher Anastasia and also with the other students and teachers, which are still affected with the might of Kalona. Therefore they have to find a way to beat Kalona and for this they have to fly to Italy and fight against him… but there everything changes…

My thoughts about the book:
The writing style of P.C. and Kristin Cast changed in this book from the first page on. I don’t know why (I got the feeling they got a co-writer or a big help from someone who know how to write a book) but the most of the annoying youngish/ childish writing is away, though it still sounds fresh and is even better to read now. I like the change and I hope this will continue through the next books.
About the story itself: It begins exactly where the former book ends and so the reader is instantly in the story. Though the happenings of all the former books are explained again (but this time not so long like in the other books) the story becomes interesting very fast, the thrilling and suspense is highly build and the characters develop greatly. I’m happy that Zoey has definitely changed now for the good. Not that I’m a fan of her, but I now can stand her more and she isn’t such annoying like in the other books. Mostly because she finally got the guts to break up with Eric and start to concentrate on her job as a high priest. Though she still has something going on with Stark and as well with Heath, it is okay and both boys are going along. To be honest, I also like both of them. Heath the good guy, who’s good at heart and always thinks positive and make you feel happy or smiling, and also Stark with his inner battle between the good and the evil, but who’s always make the better and grown up decisions and who sometimes try to be a ‘bad-boy’, but isn’t. And I also like Aphrodite and his Darius and I find it interesting how it turned out between Rephaim and Stevie Rae. Though I didn’t like it that she was lying to Zoey and her friends, but if she hadn’t the story wouldn’t went this way and I’m sure the relation between Rephaim and Stevie Rae will be important in the coming books. What I found very interesting was the twist in the story about the trip to Italy and how it turned out in the end with Heath and Zoey. I even cried (just short but still) at the end, a thing I wouldn’t believe I would do in this series (because so far it was kind of too superficial) and I couldn’t really believe what I just read… and I really hope in the next book there will be a solution for ‘this problem’. But through this book the story and the characters become better and better and now I start to become a ‘little Fan’ of it… so I hope the best for the next books and that they can continue with the new and better level.

This pictures isn’t bad, and still not very good. Sorry, but it’s a little too average and I would have loved to look at something more stunning.

All in all:
The story, the plot and the characters, even the writing style changed to something more interesting and better and the level was definitely raised, in comparison to the other books in this series.

4 of 5 points


# 1: Cast P.C und Kristin – Marked
# 2: Cast P.C und Kristin – Betrayed
# 3: Cast P.C und Kristin – Chosen
# 4: Cast P.C und Kristin – Untamed
# 5: Cast P.C und Kristin – Hunted
# 6: Cast P.C und Kristin – Tempted
# 7: Cast P.C und Kristin – Burned
# 8: Cast P.C und Kristin – Awakened
# 9: Cast P.C und Kristin – Destined

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