Review: Hunted

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P.C. and Kristin Cast

House of Night # 5



Zoey and her friends as well as the red young vampires made it and could escape from the House of Night, like also from Neferet and Kalona. They find their asylum in the tunnels under the old train station, where the red young vampires and Stevie Rae live. Under the earth they feel save from Kalona and are busy with trying to trust each other (especially the red young vampires) and making plans against Neferet. But Zoey has a bad feeling again, mostly because of a weird dream she had about Kalona and which revealed that maybe she was his old love ‘Aya’. And then the unbelievable happens and Zoey gets attacked and is near to death…

My thoughts about the book:
The plot wasn’t so bad and it was sometimes thrilling and it has nice twists in it to gain more suspense. But the writing was still worse and annoying and Zoey is herself again, which means she is reckless, foolish, lying and unfaithful. I thought she has changed in book for to a better person but that was just an illusion and now we are back at book two – which means Zoey is imprinted with Heath (again), has a relationship with Eric, who she doesn’t really love (again) and is thinking about and is kissing a third guy (again)… Sorry, but WTF?? How stupid can one person be? OK, I’ve already said that, but it’s just hilarious how stupid and selfish Zoey is… and that she is always only thinking about the boy she is with right now and she cares for nobody else but him.. and this is the same with every guy she meets…(what a luck for Damien he’s guy, otherwise Zoey has tried with him as well).
My god, I don’t know why the authors focus soo much on the love problems of Zoey and why they let her do her stupid mistakes again and again. This fact with Zoey’s sex and personal problems really destroy a big part of the book for me (and I guess also for others). The plot would be good, if there wasn’t a main character called Zoey. Couldn’t they let her die or let someone else play the big part? God, I can’t stand her any longer and I’m scared she won’t be any better in the (at least) next two upcoming books.
But the positive thing about this book is that the story, beside the love part, got more interesting and thrilling. I like the twists in it and how it all turns out and that some teachers like Lenobia or Dragon are fighting together with them for the good in the world. And I also have to say that I really like Stark. I don’t know why, because Zoey is such annoying, but with him it’s better. He’s a great bad boy and I hope I’ll read more about him.

Good but not the best in this series.

All in all:
My hope is strong but at the moment my hope is really shaking… and I don’t know for how long my hopes are with this series to get any better…(the hopes are with Aphrodite,Darius and Stark 🙂 )

3 of 5 points


# 1:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Marked
# 2:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Betrayed
# 3:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Chosen
# 4:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Untamed
# 5:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Hunted
# 6:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Tempted
# 7:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Burned
# 8:  Cast P.C and Kristin – Awakened
# 9: Cast P.C and Kristin – Destined

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