Review: Untamed

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P.C. and Kristin Cast

House of Night # 4




Because of her lying and secretiveness Zoey is totally alone and all of her friends have turned away from her. Aphrodite is the only one she which stands beside her, after her short absence, because she has got 2 visions in which Zoey will die, if nobody is helping her and after that there will be a terrible war between the humans and vampire, which will destroy the whole world. After her friends have forgiven Zoey and Stevie Ray is almost her old self again, everything appears to turn to good account, and Zoey believes to solve all her problems, especially when the world highest high priest of all vampires, Shekinah, arrives at the House of Night, after the brutal murder of two teachers. But after the young vampire James Stark also comes to the House of Night, everything shakes again and shortly after a new tragedy happens…

My thoughts about the book:
The writing style is the same like in the books before, where the authors tries everything to sound fresh and young, but where it is just too much for readers above a age of 15.
About the story: Like in the other books the beginning is boring and everything is explained again (the fourth time now), also the plot takes long to gain any suspense and only about in the middle it become interesting again… but till to the end everything happens to fast and the story ends exactly in the middle of all, in the middle of the most thrilling part – so I don’t like that.. and I’m happy to have all books on my PC, because I’m sure I won’t have the nerve to read the books further, if I would have to wait half a year for the next one. Although in this book happens more along the story and the focus is again on the main plot and not on the love triangle of Zoey. She even is trying to make her wrongs good again and she wants to learn from her mistakes, she made. The only problem is, that Zoey is still not about her own feelings, and about her decisions about her boy-problems,… which becomes boring at this state of the book series. It is just frustrating and contradictory that in one moment Zoey is swearing off all boys and in the next she flirting with two boys again *puke*. I don’t like that in any point and I totally don’t understand why the authors let her ‘heroic’ present this weak and annoying. Whatever – I’ve criticized that part (Zoey) already enough in my other reviews.
About the good things: I like Stark and I really hope that he will show more about himself in the upcoming books. And I really adore his dog Duchess – mainly because I’m a dog fan! 🙂
And I’m happy that finally Zoey has told all her friends everything and that the secretive has an end. The twist in the story about the ‘bad angel’ isn’t new and not very fresh, but it get some new pep in the plot and the vampires have something to fight against together, which will drew them even more together. Although the solving of the phrases and what it all means wasn’t sooo hard like the presented it in the book and I sometimes got the wish to jump into and shake the figures and tell them the answers – so this part was kind of boring and long lasting with all their long discussions and ‘what does it all mean’ and ‘I don’t know’ and so on and ‘blah blah’…
What was also new in this book was that the authors tried to integrate new and more important topics, like rash prejudice or religious conflicts. But I got the feeling the try was just half hearted only to make a good point, but it was just treated superficial and maybe even naive.

I like the pictures and especially the back with the tattoo, because I was always curious how they look like.

All in all:
Nice try to gain some respect and fans again but it was still not quite the right thing. I hope there will be a progression in the next book and thought there were some inconsistence, I keep reading this series.

3 of 5 points


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# 4: Cast P.C and Kristin – Untamed
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# 6: Cast P.C and Kristin – Tempted
# 7: Cast P.C and Kristin – Burned
# 8: Cast P.C and Kristin – Awakened
# 9: Cast P.C and Kristin – Destined

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