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P.C. and Kristin Cast

House of Night # 3


One month after Stevie Rae supposedly died, there is a weird quiet above the whole House of Night, because most of the teachers and students have left for Christmas holidays. But this unnatural silence takes just a short time and ends at Christmas, when Zoey has her birthday. Not only that Zoey is still imprinted with Heath, makes Erik hope for their future together and kisses her teacher Loren Blake, she also has a big troubled fight with her parents. Furthermore Zoey has to find a way to learn everything about the evil plan of Neferet and by the way she has to save her best friend undead-dead Stevie Rae, who doesn’t want any help. So, it is the totally normal daily routine in the House of Night…

My thoughts about the book:
If someone asks me at the moment spontaneously what I’m thinking about the main character Zoey, than I just could answer: “WTF – how stupid can one person be? But she’s not even blond!” I don’t want to be mean but in this book, Zoey has made some very unintelligent and stupid and mean things, which made her suffer at the end and where I can’t feel any pity for her, because it was all her fault – totally. But more about that at the end of the review.
Now I want to take about the writing style of the authors:
The style was fresh and sassy, like in the other books before, but this time I didn’t like it so much like in the other books because for it was sometimes too childish, and I often had to roll my eyes. About the story: At the beginning it started slowly and boring and the authors repeated all what happened in the other books before and than it took some time to build a new suspense and to become intersting again. I think the idea about a vampire residential school isn’t bad and also the story about the evil teacher and the ohter creatures (like Stevie Rae) but the authors were too busy to write about the love confusion of Zoey, which was nerving and uninteresting for me and which cost much of my sympathie for this book series.
The end was okay but I didn’t like the big and long suspense buildung and than the end just happens in short 20-30 pages, where everything happens in quick/fast succession.
And now what I’ve to say about Zoey: I don’t want to say much about it but I know myself and currently I’m still a little disgruntled (I just finished this book) and so there will be SPOILERS now. Therefore for eveyone who doesn’t want to know what happens in the book, please stop reading now – SPOILERS in the review from now on:
I always thought the main character should have at least some nice attributes so that the reader (we) can feel sympathie with the character and that he/ she becomes likeable and that we care about him or her. But how could PC & Kristin Cast write all that stuff about Zoey and let her do so many wrong and idiocy things? And I’m not talking about little inanities which every teen does, and where everyone understands it – it’s the progress of growing… (this things she already did in the books before)…. but now I got the feeling that Zoey isn’t learning from the wrongs she already did… no – she even made more and bigger ones. For me Zoey is kind of obsessed with her powers and her affinity to all five elements und she is a liar to the core. Besides who has thought that Zoey is a little floozie in the other two books, than what will he think about her in this book? Now she isn’t just kissing with 2 guys and flirting with one, NO – now she is kissing two boys and has sex with a third one – a teacher from her school.
Sorry, but how stupid can she be that she’s not seeing that Loren has just used her. If she was thinking clear she would have asked herself what it say about a man, when he wants to have sex with a teen and his own student… that’s just not correct and this man have a low und weak personality.
In my opinion this book series would have really a big potential but the authors destroyed much of it because of this main character Zoey. For me she isn’t a person who I would like …. basically I don’t really care about her and she is just an annoying foozie, who is thinking bad about herself (If you ask me it is totally justified). She’s just no good person and has a weak personality and more luck than any intelligence. She is lying to her best friends all the time, is also lying to her 3 boyfriends -> she even has 3 boyfriends! … and so on.
The only positive thing about Zoey is, that she would do anything for her bestfriend Stevie Rae (even if she just know her for a month, but whatever) and for her grandmother and Zoey has a sweet cat – that’s all. Sorry.
But I wouldn’t read this book if I can’t stand everything in it so to make peace with this book, I also have to say that I like Damien, he’s great and intelligence and I even like Aphprodite and also Stevie Rae, because she’s good at heart.

Not as good as the covers from book one and two. For me it’s just to common und uninteresting designed.

All in all:
A disappointment for all House of Night Fans where even the thrilling plot save the rest of the book with such a weak and unlikeable main character.

2 of 5 points


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