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P.C. and Kristin Cast

House of Night # 1


In a world where you become a vampire after you are not bitten by one, but where you get choosen by a vampire scout, lives the 16-year-old Zoey. Her life changes completely after she got the sign of the god Nyx on her forehead – a crescent, which means she’ll become a vampire and has to live in the House of Night from now on (the boarding school für young vampires). But Zoey isn’t an average young Vampire, she is also choosen and the elected by the god Nyx and has special powers…

My thoughts about the book:
The idea of this book wasn’t bad and I really looked forward reading it. It has a good and interesting start where everything was explained bit by bit, because the main characters Zoey also has to learn everything slowly and we learnt with her. And thought the characters were nice and likeable and the suspense were good built, I never felt the ’sparks‘ and the joy while reading (like in other books). I can’t say exactly why it was like this, but I missed somehting in it und everything happened so fast. I think in the whole books everythings happends during 3 days, before the end of the book was there – 3 days in which Zoey changed her life completely, find 4 good new friends, fall in love, made an enemy and attempted a coup – yeah, Zoey wasn’t inactive. 🙂
But for me this part was only ridiculous und unnatural, because friendship and love needs time to develop and it’s not just there from one minute to the next. Furthermore I didn’t liked the writing style sometimes, because it was in some parts childish and it was trying to hard to sound ‚fresh and young‘.
Apart from that the plot was okay, even if not outstanding. And I never lost the feeling that this whole book was just a very loong prologe for the next books of this series.

For me it is absolutely an eye-catcher with a great pic and nice writing. For sure a reason to pick it because it looks so nice.

All in all:
Not bad but still not very good – just another average book.

3,5 of 5 points


# 1: Cast P.C and Kristin – Marked
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# 6: Cast P.C and Kristin – Tempted
# 7: Cast P.C and Kristin – Burned
# 8: Cast P.C and Kristin – Awakened
# 9: Cast P.C and Kristin – Destined

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